Clos Vougeot - Grand Cru

The appellation

Clos-Vougeot is intimately linked to the history of viticultural Burgundy. Founded around 1150 by Cistercien monks, the Clos-Vougeot, entirely surrounded by dry stone walls that date back five centuries, covers a block of 50 hectares of vines and stands out for its location, its history and its great wines.

Today approximately 80 owners, including Domaine de Montille, share this prestigious vineyard. Our parcel (0.29 hectare) is in the top portion of the section called "Dix Journaux" (dividing the Clos into thirds, this is the part just below the highest third) and benefits from a good slope.

There is a wide range of styles of Clos-Vougeot given the differences in the sections of the vineyard and the winemakers' styles. Ours is focused on elegance rather than power, and we want to align our wine with those of "Les Amoureuses" and "Le Musigny". This finesse is carried by the force of the terroir of the upper part of Clos-Vougeot.

The wines, the style

Domaine de Montille is known to craft wines with great aromatic purity, always favoring balance and elegance over power and extraction. The wines are classic expressions of Burgundy, produced in the most natural way possible and possessing an impressive ability to age, as the family believes only time can reveal the true potential of the greatest wines. The domaine's current style remains faithful to Hubert's natural and idealistic approach, which demanded considerable patience while waiting for appropriate drinking windows for certain vintages. Etienne, however, has taken up the task to bring greater aromatic expression and silkier and more unctuous textures to the reds, allowing them to drink earlier, without compromising their ability to age. The domaine is known in Burgundy, among others such as Arlot, DRC, Dujac and Leroy, to regularly vinify using a significant proportion of whole clusters, varying by cuvée and by vintage.

Tending the Vines

The Domaine has practiced organic viticulture since 1995. Today, our wines are certified by Ecocert. Additionally, since 2005, biodynamic practices have been implemented to show our full respect for these living soils.