"Les Folatières" 1er Cru de Puligny-Montrachet 2010

The vintage

We began the 21th of September and finished the 1st of October 2010.

After a challenging winter where frost affected lots of vineyards and caused many young plants to die, 2010 began a bit behind schedule but with the softness of a rather hot spring. However, flowering didn't have the advantage of good weather, and this resulted in poor fruit set (coulure) and an abnormal mix of berry sizes within clusters (millerandage). Summer got off to a good start with a lovely first half of July. However, moody and chilly weather then set in until the beginning of September, when Burgundy's best helper in that month, a wind called la Bise (the Kiss), cleared the skies for a radiant sun to dry the vines while temperatures remained fresh.

The harvest date was, as is often the case, of utmost importance, and it is the reason we only purchase grapes harvested by our own team or under our control.

2010 is a grand vintage for whites, as it combines generosity and flesh with acidity and minerality. The aromas are ripe with the occasional exotique note and floral hints set against a citrusy background. The mouthfeels are packed with flavor, supple, and even powerful with their significant substance; however, happily their bouyant acidities provide remarkable balance.

Tasting notes

"Discreet oak notes don't compromise the expressiveness of the white peach and overtly exotic fruit aromas that introduce concentrated, naturally sweet and textured medium plus weight flavors that possess a seductively textured mouth feel and fine intensity. This is certainly very pretty if not exactly typical. Still this is a quality effort though not really my style".  Allen Meadows