Alix de Montille - La Maison Blanche

Spirtied and spontaneous, Alix is a free spirit. She's always on the move, so much so that she sometimes seems weightless. She pursues perfection and applies herself so intensely that it becomes evident she is trying to recreate her father's signature style. Though light-hearted, she is resolutely uncompromising when she descends into the cellar. Winemaking is serious business and this woman, however lively she may be elsewhere, transforms into a meticulous and obsessive woman when she vinifies.

To walk in Hubert de Montille's footsteps when he was not ready for companionship, one must have superior determination. His daughter...become a winemaker? That was out of the question for this lawyer-come-father. His daughter had to have a true trade. Meeting head-on the teeming forces of nature of Volnay and Dijon, Alix stayed the course. She studied law to satisfy her father yet, in the end, with the greatest ease, she obtained a diploma in enology.

The pursuit of good taste obsesses Alix, in wine as well as in food. She succeeded in slipping into the kitchens of many great chefs, from Pierre Gagnaire to Alain Passard and many others. She has such a sensibility for taste that she exhausts herself in the pursuit of seeking out the intuition of others. But, what a luxury to feed oneself on all these experiences gleaned from these taste-encounters! And, Alix becomes bored if there is no emotional investment in these relationships, if she cannot fully explore the depths of these opportunities. Scratching the surface doesn't interest her at all; she'll turn on a heel and flee.

Her wines are conceptualized similarly, each one differently, each one according to her own understanding of it...a very in depth understanding. Making red wines remains obscure to her, no doubt given the heavy parental imprint. Hence, she doesn't get involved. Yet she clearly heard the call of white wines, particularly after she met Jean-Marc Roulot, a winemaker in Meursault. That's when her revelation occurred. She was 20 and discovered a passion-laden pursuit that would not cease to astonish her and retain her interest. Her work at the négociant houses of Alex Gambal and Ropiteau confirmed she was on the right road. Several years later, in 2003, she created Maison 2 Montille, a boutique négociant label, which she established with her brother Étienne to make whites wines she likes from purchased grapes.