Domaine de Montille
Meursault Saint Christophe
Color White
Grape variety chardonnay
Surface area 0.96 ha
Production 2 400
Share of new barrels 20%
Alcohol 13%
The appellation
Meursault “Saint-Christophe” brings together two Climats: “Les Casse-Têtes” and “Les Petits Charrons”, both recognized for their exceptional quality and remarkably located in the middle of the Meursault hillside, also called “Montagne Saint-Christophe”, hence the name of the cuvée. The result is a balanced wine which beautifully complements the generous character of the “Petits-Charrons” with the minerality of the “Casse-Tetes”.
The wine and the style
After a light settling, the musts are put into 228 and 600-liter-barrels to complete the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. We work with 5 to 20% new barrels with wood coming mostly from Allier, light toasting. The wines are racked about a year later before being transfered to stainless steel vats for the second phase of their aging in order to retain freshness and minerality.
Vine growing
Organic since 1995 and biodynamic since 2005. All our wines are certified by Ecocert.
The vintage
Vintage 2021 had everyone talking very early in the growing season due to the terrible spring frost that hit the region between April 6 and 8, 2021. Temperatures dropped to -8°C (17°F), irremediably damaging harvest volume. The vines timidly resumed their development, the relatively cold and wet days of July and beginning of August keeping them a bit behind schedule throughout the summer. With twice as many treatments to push off mildew outbreaks, the growing season of 2021 was quite the challenge for our team but everyone’s efforts paid off! Inevitably, volumes were down by 60% on average with major disparities. Chardonnay vines were more affected by the frost because they were ahead in their vegetative cycle compared to pinot noir. Yet, the musts surprised us all with exceptional crisp and stellar freshness. As a result, 2021 unveils a classic and well-balanced profile. Far from the solar character of the previous three vintages, it reveals airy textures and lovely drinkability, combining pleasure and purity.
Tasting note
The distinctive tautness and saline minerality of the Casse-Tête is clearly showing in the 2021 Meursault “Saint-Christophe”. The mouthfeel is full and large with notes of butter and remarkable persistence. It will require a few year of patience to express its full potential.
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