Domaine de Montille
Monthelie pinot noir
Color Red
Grape variety pinot noir
Surface area 1 ha
Production 3 300
Share of whole harvest 0%
Share of new barrels 0%
Alcohol 12,5%
The appellation
Monthélie is derived from the Latin term "Monticulus" - hill, small mountain, mound. Located on the hillside, "Les Plantes" sits on a very stony and shallow soil, poor in organic matter, which translates into a very fine, fresh and delicate wine. We generally keep over 50% whole clusters because we enjoy the spice and floral notes it develops alongside nice minerality.
The wine and the style
Today's style remains faithful to Hubert's classic and terroir-driven approach, with greater aromatic expression, silkier and more unctuous textures in the reds, allowing them to drink earlier, without compromising their ability to age. The domaine is known in Burgundy for using a significant proportion of whole clusters that varies from one to cuvée to another depending on the plant material and the vintage.
Vine growing
Organic since 1995 and biodynamic since 2005. All our wines are certified by Ecocert.
The vintage
Vintage 2021 had everyone talking very early in the growing season due to the terrible spring frost that hit the region between April 6 and 8, 2021. Temperatures dropped to -8°C (17°F), irremediably damaging harvest volume. The vines timidly resumed their development, the relatively cold and wet days of July and beginning of August keeping them a bit behind schedule throughout the summer. With twice as many treatments to push off mildew outbreaks, the growing season of 2021 was quite the challenge for our team but everyone’s efforts paid off! Inevitably, volumes were down by 60% on average with major disparities. Chardonnay vines were more affected by the frost because they were ahead in their vegetative cycle compared to pinot noir. Yet, the musts surprised us all with exceptional crisp and stellar freshness. As a result, 2021 unveils a classic and well-balanced profile. Far from the solar character of the previous three vintages, it reveals airy textures and lovely drinkability, combining pleasure and purity.
Tasting note
Light, brambly fruit, highlighted by white pepper-tinged notes on the palate with a sharp finish and good length.
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